Welcome to Ken Frasure's Home on the Web!

 Ken Frasure is an artist capable of playing a great variety of music. His solo career has produced two albums and and EP and he is currently working on a new album. Ken has often been compared to Lou Reed. His gritty writing contains shards of truth that are frequently arranged in new and provocative orders. All Ken's music is available on CD Baby.
 Today Ken lives with his wife in Nashville, Tennessee. He speaks German and Russian. His hobbies include blacksmithing, motorcycling, and building musical instruments.
 His musical versatility, great sense of humor and long experience make him a great addition to almost any project. He is available for sessions and gigs, depending on scheduling.
 Ken always enjoys getting email from fellow artists, fans and long-lost friends. Replies may take a few days.

Ken's Calendar: Live appearances in Nashville and Middle Tennessee:

No shows scheduled at this time. Updated July 24, 2013.

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